25th January 2023

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6/8 Afro Roots

Friday 3rd April 2020 @ 7:00 pm AEDT

By Donation

We’re going to explore exercises and techniques to help us understand the 6/8 (or 12/8) rhythms that influence so many Afro-Brazilian styles. Specifically we’ll be looking at a classic bell pattern, and some independence exercises to help us internalise it better.


For this session in an ideal world you will have a pair of sticks and a drum or practice pad to hit.  If you don’t have these then you could improvise and just make it work. If you have sticks then you’re winning. If not, wooden spoons? You’ll think of something. To hit, you can use a practice pad, a pillow, a book, the sole of a sneaker, again you can figure something out. You could make do with just your hands on your lap. It all works. The point is to get doing it and get it in your hands.


Friday 3rd April 2020
7:00 pm AEDT
By Donation

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