27th January 2023

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Caixa with Mestre Lolo

We’re honoured to be given the opportunity to learn from this bonafide master of the drums, Mestre Lolo.

Although he plays everything like a boss, caixa is his true love, so we’re excited to hear his insights.

We will be looking at the patterns and techniques employed by the caixa section of Imperatriz, and will also draw on Mestre Lolo’s vast knowledge playing with virtually every school in Rio.

Mestre Lolo began his journey in the Rio carnival at the age of 12, with the Lins Imperial Mirim (kids) Samba School.

He has paraded as a ritmista in almost every one of Rio de Janeiro’s traditional Escolas de Samba before he started his directing career with the bateria of Unidos da Tijuca. Later he directed the drums at Salgueiro, where he paraded for 5 years. 

His first position as Mestre de Bateria began at the Escola de Samba Vizinha Faladeira, where he paraded for 2 years. After this, he move to União do Parque Curicica in 2013, where he won all the top marks and many awards.

His work had been so successful that Lolo was invited to take over the Escola de Samba Imperatriz Leopoldinense in 2016, a longstanding member of Grupo Especial, Rio Carnaval’s premier league. He has been scoring top marks at carnival ever since.

This workshop will be aimed at an intermediate/advanced level. It will be expected that you are comfortable making the basic sounds on the drum, and playing some basic grooves. We will be playing em cima (up on the arm), and maybe down on a strap too. Any doubts then check our FAQ.

All classes will be taught in Portuguese with an English translator.

Times, Dates & Cost

All our workshops are AUD$25 each, or just AUD$20 each if you sign up for all four. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

To accommodate people in all time zones, we will be running each session twice, 12 hours apart, so you should find a time that is good for you.

Session A is best for Europe

Session B is best for AUS/NZ & USA

Asia has the option of a Saturday evening session (A) or a Sunday morning session (B).

Each of the workshops in the series will happen at the same times each week.

If you still have any doubts, you can enter your city here, for Session A or Session B, to see what your exact local time will be.

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