27th January 2023

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Tamborim – Subidas and more

Friday 10th April 2020 @ 7:00 pm AEST

By Donation

Here we will look further into the tamborim, expanding on our previous sessions looking at both the telecoteco and the 2×1 carreteiro technique. We will play a few different subidas, which are used to enter with the tamborim, and some more exercises to improve our carreteiro and have some fun!

For this session you will ideally use a tamborim and flexible stick. If you don’t have these, or it’s too loud to play at home, then we can improvise. For the tamborim, the best option is a pvc pipe end cap like this one or a tamborim with a silent head, otherwise a book or something would do. For the stick, people have suggested certain types of hose piping, bits of coat hangers, glue sticks… you’ll make it work.


Friday 10th April 2020
7:00 pm AEST
By Donation
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