23rd January 2023

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Tamborim with Nômade

In this workshop we will learn rhythms and techniques for the tamborim, focusing on how the tamborins of Imperatriz play whilst also drawing on Nômade’s vast experience within samba.

Gustavo Nômade started playing back in 1999 with Pérola Negra Samba School in São Paulo, and since then he’s dedicated his life to parading with many schools in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The first position he held as a director of the bateria was between 2003 and 2004 with Escola de Samba Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi in São Paulo. After that he directed from 2007 until 2012 at the infamous Mancha Verde. 

His relationship with the carnival in Rio began in 2003 when he began playing tamborim with Mocidade. 

Nômade’s first Rio directorship began in 2017 with Cubango.  In 2019 he was invited to Imperatriz where he has been directing the tamborins ever since.

As well as his work with the samba schools, Nômade also plays and teaches as a part of Batuque Digital, alongside some of Rio’s best percussionists.

This workshop will be aimed at an intermediate/advanced level. That means your are comfortable playing some carreteiro (the turning technique) used on tamborim. The tempo will be considerably slower than that played in Rio though. If you’re unsure about whether this is right for you, or have any other questions, please check our FAQ.

All classes will be taught in Portuguese with an English translator.

Times, Dates & Cost

All our workshops are AUD$25 each, or just AUD$20 each if you sign up for all four. Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

To accommodate people in all time zones, we will be running each session twice, 12 hours apart, so you should find a time that is good for you.

Session A is best for Europe

Session B is best for AUS/NZ & USA

Asia has the option of a Saturday evening session (A) or a Sunday morning session (B).

Each of the workshops in the series will happen at the same times each week.

If you still have any doubts, you can enter your city here, for Session A or Session B, to see what your exact local time will be.

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