20th October 2020

FAQ Imperatriz Workshops

As I’m sure you’ve all realised during lockdown, sadly there is no technology that exists allowing us all to play together, listening to one another, and be in time. Nothing is fast enough without lagging a bit, making it impossible. As a result when we are playing, everyone’s mics will be muted, except for the teacher’s. As the teacher plays, we can play along at home, but be aware that no-one can hear us (which could be a good thing at times πŸ˜‚). We can of course unmute microphones to ask questions.

All the teachers will be speaking Portuguese. For each session there will be an English translator on hand to ensure everyone understands fully, and people can ask questions.

When you’re playing, as nobody can hear you, it doesn’t really matter what instrument you play. If you don’t have a drum or can’t make that much noise at home, use a practice pad, or something else. If you have something you can hit, to replicate the movements, you can learn. It’s no problem, you can make it work πŸ˜‰

Session A will be at 9am Saturday morning (Rio time), Session B will be 9pm Saturday Evening (Rio time). This makes it either Saturday or Sunday for you depending which timezone you’re in. Do either session A or session B, whatever suits you best. In depth details of the times are at the bottom of each workshop’s event page.

All the classes are aimed at an intermediate to advanced level. Obviously this is all subjective, and it’s hard to know what that really means, as one person’s idea of intermediate might be different to another’s. We are not pitching these as beginners workshops though, so you will be expected to understand how to create the different sounds used on each instrument and comfortable playing to some degree. On each individual workshop’s page is a brief description at the bottom, explaining a bit more about the level.

Yes you can. As long as you realise that some of it might go over your head, that’s fine. As a beginner this is still a great opportunity to be inspired by some wonderful teachers. As when you’re playing you’ll be on mute, you won’t be impacting anyone else’s learning if you can’t always keep up.

The workshops will last 1.5 hours, though we’ll allow up to an additional 30 mins afterwards for any additional questions.

You may record the session, but we ask that it’s only for your own personal use, out of respect for the teachers. We will be recording the session on Zoom, and will send you a copy when we receive it, in the week or so after. There sometimes can be problems with zoom recordings though, so there are no promises here I’m afraid. It should be fine, but we don’t control that. If you want to guarantee the recording, feel free to screen capture, or film using your phone.

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