21st July 2021

Repique Club

I’m thinking of starting some online group repique sessions, aimed at advanced repique players in Australia and abroad. The goal is to facilitate self-improvement, expand knowledge, and build community in an interactive format. The classes will be taught by myself, Rob Arcari.

Proposed format is as follows:

  • A weekly 75 min  group session over 4 weeks.
  • Each week we will look at a different aspect/rhythm of the instrument, all using the technique used within Rio’s Escolas de Samba (ie wooden stick and hand).
  • We’ll be looking at chops, phrases and exercises to improve playing
  • Group will be for advanced players only, by Australian standards. Participants are expected to have control of the key sounds utilised by each hand, and to have knowledge of the basic samba pattern and chamada (entrance call).
  • Scores provided for material covered
  • Chance to connect with similar minded people, and share in open discussion, both in the classes and in a forum created for the participants.
  • Classes will take place over zoom at a time decided once we have an idea of interest, and what works for the majority of those interested.
  • Small group size
  • $80 for 4 weeks.

Currently I’m looking to gauge interest, so either get in touch with me directly, or using this form. Include your contact details and I’ll be in touch if there’s enough interest.

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