After the huge success of our original Solidarity Workshop series, we’re stoked to announce that we’re going back to Rio for Round 2, and this time it’s going to be bigger and better!

During May we set up our social project with the legendary Bateria Ritmo Avassalador, Rio de Janeiro’s Acadêmicos da Rocinha.

We created an opportunity for percussionists from Aus/NZ, Asia, USA and Europe to learn from 3 of Rio’s best players. Not only did the participants have a chance to learn from expert teachers from within the heart of the Rio Samba scene, but we also raised enough to provide more than a tonne of food for those that need it most during the current crisis, within the community of the school.

A fantastic workshop, a good learning experience and a great way to stay in touch with the international samba community. Recommended!

Geoff Reynolds – Sydney

During our first round of online workshops, we delivered 3 workshops over 3 weeks, and were thrilled to not only have 2 directors from the school, but the Mestre de Bateria delivering sessions. We ran classes in Repique, Caixa and Surdo de Terceira.

For Round 2, we are delighted to invite our same teachers back to deliver a second session for us, but we’ve decided to also enlist 2 more Directors from the school to give us classes in Tamborim and Timbal. This means we’ll run 5 classes over 5 weeks.

The bateria of Rocinha is highly respected among the Rio Samba Schools. All the directors and the Mestre have dedicated their lives to Samba. When they’re not working with, and organising the Bateria of Rocinha, they’re playing, directing or leading other schools.

Classes will be aimed at an intermediate to advanced level, will last 1.5 – 2 hours, and will take place over Zoom. Each class will also have a translator on hand, to allow participants to ask questions and get a full understanding of what’s being said.

Brazil as a nation, is struggling in the wake of this pandemic. Many people are out of work, and the government isn’t acknowledging the problem. Some people really need help, and the crisis is only getting worse.

Rocinha is the biggest favela in Brazil, where even without the pandemic, many people have a hard time making ends meet. GRES Acadêmicos da Rocinha has a diverse range of members from the local area, as well as across the city (and even one Australian). This is our chance to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Rio, whilst playing drums and being inspired along the way.

This is not only our opportunity to connect with some incredible players, but also to give back to the community that is a part of creating the music which we love. As a result, 100% of proceeds will be sent to the community in Rocinha. After our Brazilian teachers have been paid for their time, all remaining cash will go towards our social project for the most in need within the bateria and the community. The money will be spent on care baskets, containing essential food and hygiene items, and distributed to those most in need.

Classes cost just $25AUD per session, or $20 per class for 3 or more. We also have an option to make any additional donations towards the care baskets, if people would like to do so.

I got such a buzz from this very unique experience. Inspiring teachers, great learned material. Felt like I was in Rio!

Isabelle Verez – Melbourne

“Authentic, engaging, detailed, and a beautiful way to strengthen our community, so lucky to have the opportunity to connect with these workshops, thank you mestres!”

Arnold Bonilla – Adelaide

The classes will take place live on Zoom. You do not need a drum at home to participate, you can improvise with what you have. You can use a practice pad, or even make your own. If not, you could use something else you have at home. If you live in AUS/NZ, you’ve surely got a thong/jandle lying around 😉 The sound it makes isn’t too important.

If you have any questions then check out our FAQ

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