14th August 2021

Candomblé: Orixás & Afro-Brazilian Culture

Orixás & Afro-Brazilian Culture - Bloco 3K presents an Exclusive online talk live from Rio with Léo Leobons

Candomblé: Orixás & Afro-Brazilian Culture

Bloco 3K presents an exclusive online talk live from Rio with Léo Leobons

The talk will explore the belief system of Candomblé:

  • What is Candomblé?
  • Where is it from?
  • Who and what are the Orixás?
  • How is this practiced?
  • How are music and dance involved?

Afro-Brazilian traditions and culture underpin, and are the roots of so much of what is modern culture in Brazil today. References to the Orixás can be found throughout samba, maracatu, capoeira, funk & pop to name just a few. Anyone who’s interested in these these cultural forms can gain insight through understanding about the roots. If you drum, dance, play or are in anyway involved in Brazilian music, this is for you.

Born in Rio, Léo is a percussionist, singer and music producer working both within the religious and commercial spaces. As well as his religious work he creates his own fusion of musical traditions and cultures which he holds dear. Find his original music here.

Léo was consecrated within Candomblé as Ogã de Xangô aged 8, and later as Oluponã (priest of Exú) and Babá l’adô awo (priest of Omolu). Through his extensive travels later in life he found an affinity to Cuban traditions of the same West African origin. In Cuba he continued his religious path, becoming consecrated as a Priest in Ocha and Arará as well as Olubatá (owner of consecrated drums).

The talk will last around 1.5hrs with opportunities for questions. Everything will be conducted in English.


Sunday 29/8/21 at 10:30am Melbourne time (UTC+10). To find your local time click here.


$15AUD payable via Paypal using the ticket link below. Upon completion of payment you will receive email confirmation of your payment, including a zoom link.

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