9th March 2021

Brazilian Samba Dance Melbourne – A Escolinha do Bloco 3K


Welcome to Brazilian Samba Dance Open Sessions, part of the Escolinha do Bloco 3K.

This is the place where Melbourne samba dancers of all levels are invited to take part in our growing Bloco 3K Community.

Our mission is to promote and share our love of Brazilian music and culture, whilst making loads of noise, having some fun and working our hips. We want to build the community involved in this beautiful culture here in Melbourne, and bring together musicians and dancers to share in the experience.

Starting March 2021, we will begin regular classes and rehearsals to form and develop the Bloco 3K samba dance performance team. We welcome dancers from all ages and walks of life; from beginners to performance level.

Become a member of the Bloco 3K community; we invite you to learn, rehearse and perform with our live drums. As well our weekly sessions, the Bloco 3K performance team takes part in various festivals, parades and other performances throughout the year.


Each month we will hold three types of dance sessions that we like to call the Projeto, the Ensaio and the Quadra.

PROJETO – (Every Sunday except the last of the Month) – Open Level Classes:

Dancers of all ages, backgrounds, levels and individual goals. You will be led by samba dance teachers who have trained extensively in Brazil and are established teachers here in Melbourne.

The focus will be split between samba technique & drills, and learning choreography to the specific rhythms of Bloco 3K’s bateria.

The classes will be held in a studio adjacent to where the Bloco 3K bateria will be rehearsing at the same time. This will give some flexibility to join the drummers for parts of the classes.

ENSAIO – Second Sunday of each month – Performance Team

Once a month, after the regular projeto session, we will hold a performance team ensaio – a rehearsal that brings together both our performance team dancers and performance team drummers to create and rehearse a samba show that fuses the Bateria’s rhythms with dance.

This is a great goal for budding dancers who want to perform with the Bloco 3K bateria, or a new benchmark for existing dancers who love the thrill of performing to live drums. Those interested in joining the performance team will need to be at an intermediate to advanced level, which will be assessed on a case by case basis. Members of the regular projeto group are welcome to stay and watch the ensaio.

QUADRA – Last Sunday of each month – Quadra rehearsal:

At the end of the month, our drummers and dancers of all levels come together to celebrate our ongoing work in a big samba jam. Think of it as our chance to create samba school vibes and a chance to get to know those in your samba community – lots of music, passion and energy in one afternoon.


Every Sunday afternoon

The first Sunday of the month we open our doors to new members between 16:30 – 18:00 for an open projeto session.

This is the time that we welcome all to attend, and see what we are about. Once you have attended one of our open sessions, then you are welcome back throughout the month. This allows us to build on what we learn, without having to keep going back to basics each week. The times for each session throughout the month alter slightly, so we recommend checking the calendar available below.


Next Level Studios, Brunswick


Wear comfortable clothes, such as gym gear and trainers with a thin sole/socks. For dancing to drums you may wish to bring earplugs. We will however have some available to buy for $2 each, cash only.


To sign up for an Open Projeto Session, there will be events created in this Facebook group. Please mark yourself as attending if you want to come. If your availability changes, please edit your attendance in the event so we have an idea of how many people are coming.


Your first session is FREE. After that casual sessions are $25 each, or monthly access to all projeto and quadra sessions is $60


The Bloco 3K dance team is overseen by our Rainha de Bateria, Denise Kayan. Denise has been dancing samba for 15 years and has been teaching since 2010. As well as her work with Bloco 3K, and her extensive teaching tours across Australia, she also regularly attends carnaval in Rio where she currently dances as a Passista with both Mocidade Independente and Vila Isabel, as well as being the Rainha da Escola of Unidos da Ponte. Previously she has paraded with Mangueira, as Musa with Renascer de Jacarepaguá and in 2018 was named Musa do Carnaval at the Berbigão do Boca Carnaval in Florianópolis.

Alongside Denise other members of our performance team will also lead the Projeto classes, and impart their knowledge and passion for this culture.

Any questions then shoot us a message. Looking forward to dancing with you soon!!


Below is the timetable of all our sessions and rehearsals. Use the checkboxes to display the information relevant to you, and click on an event for more info.

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