9th March 2021

A Escolinha do Bloco 3K

Weekly Brazilian Drumming and Samba Dance classes in Melbourne

A Escolinha do Bloco 3K is our program that offers you the chance to learn both Brazilian Carnaval drums, and Samba dance here in Melbourne.

Our mission is to promote and share our love of Brazilian music and culture, whilst making loads of noise, having some fun and working some hips. We want to build the community involved in this beautiful culture in our home city, and bring together musicians and dancers to share in the experience.

Affectionately known as our ‘little school’, the Escolinha welcomes anyone that wants to learn or improve their drumming or dancing. It’s open for beginners through to advanced levels and we welcome you to take part.

The sessions will be held in adjacent studios at the same time, so both the drum and dance teams can work independently when needed, but can also come together to work together regularly.

The intention is also to create a space where we will work collaboratively to create new work, with dance choreographies tailor made to the repertoire the drum team plays.

Not only is the Escolinha a place to learn, improve and enjoy these beautiful artforms, it also offers a pathway to joining our performance team for those that are interested.

The first Sunday of each month we open our doors to anyone that’s interested to come for the first time to one of our Open Drum or Dance Sessions. Once you’ve attended one of these Open sessions, you’ll be welcome back any/all following Sundays.


For more information, click here for Drum Sessions, or here for Dance Sessions


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