Welcome to the super secret squirrel Bloco 3K members area!

This is our space to share videos of our bossas, to help us learn them, and to question people’s wardrobe decisions the day we filmed the videos.

Please keep them to yourself.

First thing’s first: kitten




Imperatriz Leopoldinense – Esquenta

Acadêmicos da Rocinha – 4 Bossa

Estácio Crossed Hands 🙅‍♀️

The guns 💪 estacio salsa

Moose break 🦌

Keke do you love me? 🚗❤️

Timbal/repique Mor break (Unidos da Cacatua)

Salt Bae


Sideways 3

3 with a fist 3️⃣✊


Meat toothbrush 🍆

Super sexy tiger funk 🐅😍 (Unidos da Cacatua)

Unicorn funk 🦄

Two fists 🤜🤛 (unidos da cacatua)

Rock! 🤘

Afoxé 🌊 (Bloco 3K version)

5 ✋/ slow 5✊

Knock on the door


The following 2 (The dab and Pinocchio) are in fact subidas for the tamborims, but the band reacts to them, hence why they’re in the bossa section.

The dab (unidos da cacatua)

Pinocchio 🤥

✨✨✨Agogo Corner✨✨✨

Below are seperate videos detailing the agogo parts for some of the above breaks.


Afoxé 🌊 for agogo

Sideways 3 for the agogo

Moose break for agogo 🦌

Salt bae with Agogo (plus an alternate sideways 3🤔)

Tamborim Subidas within our Samba

Subida- short

Subida – long (with a walk at the end 🏃‍♂️)

Subida – stick on the side of the head (unidos da cacatua)

Subida – swinging 4


Section 2’s ✌️ for Tamborims within our Samba

SECTION 2 ✌️- basic telecoteco



SECTION 2 ✌️- Bloco 3K telecoteco ❤️ 3por1 style slow


SECTION 2 ✌️- Bloco 3K telecoteco ❤️ 3por1 style faster


SECTION 2 ✌️- Bloco 3K telecoteco ❤️ 2por1 style


SECTION 2 ✌️- Fit & Horny cockatoo (unidos da cacatua)


SECTION 2 ✌️- 3 on the arm



Section 2 – Fish & Chips 🐟(unidos da cacatua)





When we play in the Mangueira style (signalled with a big “M”) we use their specific bossas and subidas.

Mangueira – singing funk 🎤 🎶


“Eu sou Mangueira, eu sou Mangueira sim.
Eu sou Mangueira e meu amor nunca tem fim.”


Mangueira – Tamborim break

Mangueira – The “we’re really, really cool break” 😎 🚭


Mangueira Tamborim Subidas

Mangueira subida – 2 x 2

Mangueira Subida – 2 fingers that look a bit like a pistol I suppose 🔫


New Ideas

And Finally


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