29th March 2020


Throughout Australia’s lockdown, we have been providing online classes 3 times a week, with lessons on all aspects of samba percussion. A huge thanks for all the support during this time. If you’re enjoying these classes then donations will gladly be received by clicking the button below.



We’ll be taking a break from these group classes for the time being, but private lessons are still available from our mestre de bateria, Rob Arcari.

1 hour sessions on the instrument of your choice cost as follows;

Individual – $50 AUD

2 people – $80

3  people – $90

4 people – $100

Classes are available on repique, caixa, tamborim, surdo, chocalho, agogo, timbal, congas, pandeiro, tan-tan / rebolo and more.

Get in touch here for more details or to arrange a class.


Below you’ll find links to a range of classes that were released over facebook live. For each of them you’ll have to skip forward a little for the class to start. Big shout out to Raf from our friends Raio de Sol for compiling the list!

If you find these classes useful, then please make a donation using the button below. Be sure to like our facebook page to see any future live classes.


  • Telecoteco – the backbone of Samba
    • For Tamborim, and independence exercises. Understanding this rhythm is essential, no matter what instrumjent you play.
  • Understanding Samba Swing
    • What sets the samba swing apart from other music, and how this gives samba it’s distinctive feel.
    • Understanding of this syncopation is essential for players of all instruments playing the style
  • Partido Alto
    • Key role in many sambas and understanding unlocks a greater comprehension of how samba works
  • 6/8 Afro Roots 
    • Understand the 6/8 (or 12/8) rhythms that influence so many Afro-Brazilian styles – classic bell pattern


  • Caxia #1 – Basics
    • All things caxia/snare!
  • Caxia #2 – Em Cima
    • An intermediate class will look at the em cima technique, playing the caixa up on the arm.


  • Timbal – basics
    • Timbal technique basics to create the different sounds on the drum, some exercises to help improve sound and timing, as well as looking at the basic pattern used within Rio samba.


  • Repique – Basics #1
    • How to play the repique, or repinique, in the style used by Rio’s samba schools.
  • Repique – #2
    • We will build upon the previous session where we learnt the basic levada and  look into some variations and different calls.
  • Repique for Sambe Reggae – #1
    • We will steer away from Rio, and instead will focus on some grooves and techniques from Bahia as we delve into the world of repique for Samba Reggae.
  • Repique for Samba Reggae – #2
    • Building on what we learnt last time. We’ll be looking more into solo phrasing, and building those chops.


  • Tamborim 2×1 Technique
    • Beginners Tam using the 2×1 technique to play carreteiro on the tamborim.
  • Tamborim – Subidas & More
    • Both the telecoteco and the 2×1 carreteiro technique and wewill play a few different subidas
  • Tamborim – 3×1 Technique
    • The differences between this technique, and the 2×1 technique previously discussed.
  • More Tamborim Exercises #1Looking at speed and stamina.
  • More Tamborim Exercises #2
  • More Tamborim Exercises #3


  • Surdo De Terceira #1
    • Basics and will look at how the standard part works in conjunction with the other instruments.
  • Surdo De Terceira #2
    • Will spend time looking at more variations and language, giving us more freedom with the drum.
  • Surdo De Terceira #3
    • Variations and techniques for the third surdo. The class will be at an intermediate/advanced level.


  • Maracatu – Fundamentals #1
    • We’ll delve into these rhythms from Pernambuco, in the North East of Brazil. We will be learning the basics for Alfaia, Caixa, Gonguê and Agbê.
  • Maracatu – Fundamentals #2
    • We will be learning the basics for Alfaia, Caixa, Gonguê and Agbê. Today we will look at the rhythm Imalê and maybe more.

We hope you found something useful here. Any comments, suggestions, questions, or anything else then please get in touch.

Happy sambaing!

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